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audio BBC Radio 30th September 2005
Finish The Story - As Cold As Roses (clip) - (30 secs. Realplayer.)

audio BBC Radio 30th September 2005 Finish The Story - Friday Session interview Interview only. (2 mins 42 secs. Realplayer.)

Images & Photos

Malvern 1981 - Images from 'Finish The Story's' first Gig with 'The Dancing Did' in Malvern in 1981. (7 photos size 3.87mb)

Recording Doorways - Images from 'Finish The Story's' first attempt at recording 1981. (6 photos size 3.6mb)

Artwork - Includes drawing for proposed cassette cover for 'Doorways' by Garry 1981. Drawing by Garry2 - From his video for 'Doorways' a still of which was used in 'Women In Rock'. Idea for poster by Garry. (4 images size 4mb)

Finish The Story - Photographs of FTS @ 346 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove where they recorded and practiced - this is possibly leading upto 'The Cure' support gig at Hamersmith Odeon. The rest of the images were taken during rehearsals @ 346 Birmingham Road, Bromsgrove. (5 Photos size 760kb)

Moonlight Club, London- Photographs FTS1 - FTS6 are at the Moonlight Club, London. FTS: Nicola, Garry, Peter, Jez Gibson (sax). (6 photos size 1.17mb)

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Finish The Story - The Moonlight Club

 Moonlight Club, London

Every Angry Word
Recorded live at Exeter College of Art on 21st February 1983

drawing by Garry Smout


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 Exeter College of Art - 1983